The Good Stuff

Yesterday was a heavy topic when it come to “Life Will”, today brought you the lighter topic – The Good Stuff.

Some may or some may not have done this exercise. Today is listing out all the good stuffs in the past and how it had shaped you. Many of us, would remember the bad stuff more than the good stuff…how A happened causing B. eg. 2014 – my ex cheated and causing the pain of divorce/in debt. This seed of hatred may remain inside you, whenever you think of it, you’ll heartache. This just an example. It’s time to turn the table off. Today instead of thinking the bad stuff, just write down the good stuff. ONLY GOOD STUFF ALLOWED!



Good stuff eg. 2015 – I met a wonderful guy who supported me emotionally and we remain as best friend till today. I don’t know what your good stuff are, this is just an example. Other examples:

2010 – Solo travel to Europe and that experience open my eyes and mind
2011 – Did my 1st bungee jump and that was really awesome! I felt more daring than I ever been
2012 – I pursue my degree in Engineering and today I am a qualified engineer registered with board and I am happy. I love my job!

These are example and you got to write yours. This served as a “life stock check”, whenever you feeling down or not in a good shape, open this worksheet, have a glance of it, life not so bad after all and that’s how we manage our life. There is no 24/7 rainbow in our lives. It is how we choose and decide what to do.

Take a 10 minute break in your life to fill this worksheet because YOU REALLY MATTER!

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