Life Will

Everyday we trying to manage something and most of the time is about other people we’re managing – children, colleagues, bosses, teacher, spouse, parents, homework, work…lot’s more. Seriously, have you sit down and manage your own life’s will?

Most of us probably have consulted a financial planner or attorney or not for a basic legal matter and have we ever thought about the details? How do we want to be treated when we on our death bed, what kind of funeral we want?

Today journal might be a heavy topic, a sad one, a taboo (esp this week passing by Chinese Halloween period). Yet, this the best time to reflect what we want in this life. It set as a reminder that our life is unpredictable and we better be prepared for it. No one wish for bad thing happen! but when it strikes, at least someone s aware and know what to do.

This is a new series about managing life. It is time to do some journaling.

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