Final Day: Focus

Day 7 of Self Discovery

Pat yourself on shoulder! Congratulate and celebrate the dedication you’ve shown all the way to Day 7. Today is the final day of self-discovery, you can always come back to grab the worksheet. It’s available on the bottom page of each individual day.

Where your focus goes,
your energy flows

By now, you are likely to have all the resources you needed – your plans, people to support you, role models. It is time to stay focus.

Today is a simple relax exercise…. coloring!

It is an honour to present you my artisan friend, Iris Lee artwork.
Ms. Iris Lee sponsored her signature piece – Hummingbird Doodle. Each artwork was manually drawn and if you like her artwork, you can get her colouring book at

Here I also include focus heck reference. Each focus heck is meant to help you to stay on track on your goal/intention/outcome.

  • Sleep – Get 7 or 8 hours day sleep increases your focus throughout the day
  • Meditation – It helps you relax and you align your mind and heart
  • Know your why – Get it posted as a daily reminder
  • 50 minute block time – Put everything aside and just focus on 1 thing in this 50 minute block time
  • Take Break – Remember to visit Take A Moment 365 😀
  • Set Trigger Point – Put your why or goal where you can easily view, it can be on your phone screen or on your bracelet
  • Exercise – Exercise generates dopamine, “a feel-good chemical in your brain” and because of that, you likely be more focus
  • Plan the day before – Getting ready the night before, makes you calmer the next morning and because your brain does not need to think on the “stuff” need to prepare, you are able to focus more on what necessary
  • Doodle – Scribble, colouring, assemble a puzzle, these activities help you to focus one thing at a time
  • Eat Well – If you eat well, the chemical generated in your body helps you to stay productive, focus and energetic. Vice versa when you consume junk food. If not believe, test it. Period!

In summary of 7 days Self Discovery:

Day 1: Reverse Bucket List
Day 2: Find your sweet spot
Day 3: Role Model
Day 4: Limiting Belief
Day 5: Action Plan
Day 6: Courage
Day 7: Focus

If this exercise helps you in any way or you have any other questions in regards to this exercise, feel free to comment. As for now, thank you for reading and remember to do the clearly because you matter!

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