Day 6: Courage

Day 6 of Self Discovery

Now you have a complete package….5 in 1 – bucket list, sweet spot, role models, limiting belief and action plan. Today add on another element: Courage. This is the shifting point for you.

Make an Announcement

List out and announce to the entire world your goal/plan/intention/outcome. #takeamoment365. Some may jaw drop and some naysayer will say “it’s not a good idea”, “no one ever do that”, “oh…it is the same”. You just made the announcement to inform them, not meant for them to judge or evaluate you. I know some may advice out of concern, if its good advice, acknowledged it, if it not, chuck to the bin. Sometimes by them responding to you, you got an “ah-ha” idea that you probably never thought off.

Accountability Partner

Pick one or two of them as your accountability partner, make sure this person does support you. If you can’t find anyone, turn to Fiverr babe! or any life coach that you know. When you start paying for their service and feel the pitch of paying, I can almost sure, you’ll start kicking your own ass.

Ask for help

Now you also need the courage to ask for help. By making announcement and in hope that other will automatically provide help for you, that merely wishes. Real fact, you got to ask for help. List out who might able to help you and make sure it is the right person in right profession. I mean, this is common sense, you won’t go to a normal GP doctor when you having a toothache. I’m sure you’ll look for a dentist.


It is a MUST to celebrate the minor, mini, micro-achievements. Eg. Main goal: Lost 5kg. Micro habit: To eat plant-based food for a week and you succeed, as a reward, you go for a spa or massage. That will encourage you to continue to do more and by doing this on consistent basis, you’ll get to achieve your main goal.

Off course, that not the only method you celebrate, you can celebrate it with people around you, your accountability partner, life coach and Take A Moment 365. #takeamoment365 on Instagram and I will able to see your post.

If this exercise helps you in any way or you have any other questions in regards to this exercise, feel free to comment. As for now, thank you for reading and remember to do the clearly because you matter!

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