Day 5: Action Plan

Day 5 of Self Discovery

Today is on an action plan, by now, you are clearer on what you want more on your bucket list, the idea of your sweet spot, who are your role models and what beliefs are holding you back. If you not done so, I encourage you to go back to Day 1 – Day 4 to do the exercise.

Diving deep, we got to have a plan to execute, from all the exercise Day 1 – 4, today task is to summarize your writing in an organized way. Print this worksheet from the bottom, transfer what you have written from Day 1 to 4 to this sheet. There must be something that you want to achieve or else, life is kind of purposeless .

Now that you have written it down, I urge you to create your own vision board to be able to see it every day. This serves as your daily reminder what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve and because of that achievement, what other amazing things happen in your life?
Visualize daily!

Now break into a smaller portion, create your routine. What is your daily routine? What the habits you do, the moment you wake up? It may be drinking water, brushing teeth, eat breakfast…checking your phone (not encourage) and in the evening, do you read a book before you sleep? Prepare cloth/food for tomorrow? Do some gratitude reflection? No blue screen 30 minutes before sleep? List it all down in this sheet

Lastly, create a challenge for yourself. A habit chart. This below chart is created in a reverse way, it was purposely created that way to increase the motivation of achieving your goal. Instead of the normal sequence of 1 – 31…it is 31 to 1. You start your month depending on the month calendar, you strike of the day accordingly. This challenge your normal brain norm, 1 to 31, you start with 31 to 1 and you are likely to do it as you see closer day count to your goal.

If this exercise helps you in any way or you have any other questions in regards to this exercise, feel free to comment. As for now, thank you for reading and remember to do the clearly because you matter!

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