Day 4: Breaking Up with Limiting Beliefs

Day 4 of Self Discovery

Just like any breakup, it is painful emotionally but this limiting belief breaking up is GOOD FOR YOU!

Today the first upper part of the exercise is to identify what are your limiting beliefs….what conversation have you been telling yourself? What is the thing you want to do but afraid of because of what you been telling yourself?

“I am not good enough”

“I am not worthy”

“I can’t do it because I am shy, I am afraid, I am not capable”

“I will always be that plumb”

“Oh shit! I shouldn’t have done that” and start self-blame

“No one would love me”

“I don’t know the future”

The second part bottom of page 1 is writing down a goal with your self-limiting belief. Eg. I want to open an e-commerce shop but I am afraid I might not be successful. Put it in the middle of the box and start answering the questions 2 – 5. Do this for every intention/outcome you want with the belief that has held you back.

Now that you know your surrounding people opinions, your own inner child and future self-opinions. Time to write a break-up letter…put yourself in the present moment and write down the limiting belief on the top page. “Why I want to break up with you?!”,”What have you done to me that stop me from pursuing my dream”, “What pain have you cost me?”, “What I’m going to do if you come back in my mind?”, “What my new affirmation/mantra?”, “How I say goodbye with you?”

After the letter is ready, put inside an envelope, seal it and write the limiting belief and date on the front of the envelope. At any time the belief comes back, pick up this letter and read the content.

If this exercise helps you in any way or you have any other questions in regards to this exercise, feel free to comment. As for now, thank you for reading and remember to do the exercise because you matter!

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