Day 3: Role Model

Day 3 of Self Discovery

What a beautiful role model on top of the picture but that’s not the role model on today’s topic.

Today’s topic is to look at our role models in our life. Who we look up to. When we are young, who you wanted the most attention from, mum or dad? When we are in school, which teacher you like the most, which singer or band is your idol? When we are a young adult, who we admired the most? Our boss, colleague, someone in the industry or out of industry, death or alive and today, who still gain your respect? or who you want to have a meal with if you got the chance?

The price for lunch with Warren Buffett: $3,300,100. (Reuters) – An anonymous bidder has agreed to pay $3,300,100 at auction to have a private lunch with Warren Buffett, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.Jun 2, 2018

Lunch with Warren Buffett, for the people in the world of finance or business, they probably would die to have lunch with him but for me who has no interest in stocks or financial industry whatsoever, I guess I’ll just sit quietly as good as having a silent meditation meal with him and for me to pay that amount just to have lunch with him, that’s like insanity!
Needless to say, he is not a role model for me personally.

Today exercise is a reflection on who your role models. Listing it out and why you pick him/her to be your role model? What make them special to you? What makes you being inspired by them? What did their contribution to you, society or the world? Someway or another, you start to realize you want to be like them too.

Once you have the list of your role models, print their picture out, paste on your wall.
Whenever you face challenges, 2 options:
Option 1: Imagine what advice they would tell you or what would they say to you
Option 2: Imagine if they are in your current position, what would they do

If this exercise helps you in any way or you have any other questions in regards to this exercise, feel free to comment. As for now, thank you for reading and remember to do the exercise because you matter!

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