Day 1: Reverse Bucket List

What is Reverse Bucket List?

Normally, bucket list is the thing we want to do or wish to do in the future and reverse bucket list is the direct opposite which means listing out things where you already accomplished/achieved/learned/milestones/lesson learned.

Most of us, living our life drifting along and seems life is so boring, no growth, no achievements, no any coincident, as if our life is so routine and mundane.

Today self-discovery is to go back to your past. Taking inventory of the events occurred in your life. Sometimes we do forget our good memory as our mind keep reminding us of all the bad stuff happening.

The exercise today is to list down, as you write, you may be drifting along with all the negativity first (your bitter experience or your heartbreak experience), it’s okay, just continue writing. Then remember what are the good events happened (anything funny, coincident, grateful event). The trick is just to write it all.

The second part of the exercise is to identify what you want to do more today or in the future. What are the lessons you have learned from your pain/negativity. Look at it from a different perspective on the not so good past – What have I learned from this experience? It is wise to share with someone or keep numb about it? What can I do to make myself feel better? (Personal opinion: it’s better to talk it out, talking things out is one source of release. If you need a stranger to talk to you, get it from Fiverr for $5 (this is not a paid advertisement for Fiverr))

Today exercise is just a simple awareness exercise. Aware of your life inventory. Discover the “luggage” we carry around without realising. If it a good one, don’t mind carry along and for not so good one, it is time to “drop” it.

If this exercise helps you in any way, feel free to comment. As for now, thank you for reading and remember to do the exercise because you matter!

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