When we face problem, 1st thing to do is NOT TO LIE TO OURSELVES!

Most of us will be on denial state “Oh it will get better”, “Tomorrow will be better”.

We choose to lie to ourselves with the crap and with more positive quote “Something will come along”, “Something will change”, “Everything will be fine” which that usually NOT TRUE.

What you doing is actually avoiding the harsh reality that you don’t like.

Avoidance is actually a great short term strategy to find comfort.
Avoidance is also an awesome long term strategy to guarantee misery.

Don’t be anal that the problem does not exist! It does and you got to face it! Stop lie to yourself, be honest! Be real!

If you don’t face this reality and not wanting to fix current reality, ask this:

Face it…list it down…find a solution (What can I do more to tackle this?) and act on it BECAUSE YOU MATTER

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