It has been days since I last post anything, pretty pack with my on going NLP course.

Well, this morning when I’m having breakfast with my partner, I went into self talk. I wonder how many of us do actually enjoy our food. I notice that, on that breakfast moment, I ate in rush and just munch to swallow my food as fast as I could so I could rush to MRT to attend my course…hmm…that unhealthy. I look at the surrounding, people are busy with their phone even their partner in front of them.

I started to slow down munching, look at my partner so we could connect and enjoy the breakfast together. Then at the moment, I do feel the food in my mouth and bite it slowly rather than munch 5 bites and swallow. Gosh! I do enjoy my food and the moment without phone. Just eating and tasting the food in my mouth without talking and eye contact with the person in front of me.

That the amazing simple breakfast for me. Connectivity

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