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According to Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus:
24 hours after learning something we forget two-thirds of it.

Last week, I went for 2 workshops, 3 to be exact but the 3rd one, I completely forgot what I learned..haha..that why I try to write it down here as much as I could on what I learned a.k.a remember from these workshop, in the hope you will get benefits from it too.

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This is what I learned:

Underlying causes of stress: EXTERNAL & INTERNAL


The 5 fears that trigger stress:


3 strategies to reduce/ cope stress:



STRATEGY 2: Identify your fear, you can get the details of each fears from https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/brainsnacks/201203/the-only-5-fears-we-all-share

STRATEGY 3:  Widen your circle of control. Recognize the things you can control and cannot control.

At the end of the session, we were given

  • Causes of Stress identifier (applies more to work)
  • Stress Management Evaluation Form
  • Coping with stress activities

5 statements stood out from the Stress Management Evaluation Form and these are activities that I needed to do:

  1. Exercise at least twice a week
  2. Participate in social activities (I guess I am not social enough :P)
  3. Have a network of good friends and acquaintances
  4. Have more or more friends to confide in about personal matters
  5. Speak openly about my feeling when angry or worried

I guess that will be my 2019 resolutions 😀

For those who live in Singapore and interested to attend their workshop, you can check their upcoming workshop @ http://www.growthbeans.com/


What’s Your Passion?  by NLP Association (Singapore)

The 2nd workshop I attended last week, I learned:

  • My top 3 passions
  • Passion category identifier

The workshop starts with:

  1. Identify my ideal life (listing at least 10 and as much as I want + trigger questions provided)
  2. Comparing the list to find the top 3 passions
  3. Passion categories identifier
  4. Three things could do to get your ideal life

What I found:

PASSION 1: Having tons of income source that I don’t need to worry about the money again (hey, who doesn’t want that? haha) (WHAT)

PASSION 2: Having a healthy body & mind (WHAT)

PASSION 3: Having people support without me asking/begging for it (WHO)

Passion Categories Identifier:

  • WHAT – What we do that makes us in love the things we do
  • HOW – How we do the things make us in love with the things we do (the details)
  • WHY – Why we do it
  • WHO – Who you do it for – it can be for the environment eg. plastic bans

You can try it too, maybe you able to find your ideal life by doing what you passionate about! Cheers!

The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Lindley Craig, she is also the President of NLP Association (Singapore). There will be monthly NLP Session and for those who interested, can check out at https://nlpasingapore.com/

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