Change of mobile number

Ok for some who don’t believe in numbers might think this thing is woowoo stuff…it’s depends on what you believe, no right no wrong.

For me, I choose to believe my set of mobile number has made me woowoo for years. There is sure unfinish business every single time & people only look for me when they in trouble and totally forgotten me when they having fun. Hmm…not a nice experience!

A friend of mine which is a number expert glance through my mobile number and pin point lot of “unhappy” events which happened throughout the year and FYI, my mobile number was selected by my father, so it carry part of my father energy.

Knowing it not an easy number to carry around with me 24/7. The process of number selection took months to find a suitable set of mobile numbers. Vetting through thousand of numbers to get what I’m going to activate today.

Good things come all in a package – it started last week actually, I got an home-sitting offer which means I can have my own time doing what I want to do & to play with dog coz the owner have a little 6 months toy poddle. What a blessing! (Having a dog in S’pore is expensive!!!)

Yesterday, I got an offer of taking a free course that cost thousands of $$$, gosh! Its like the universe send me early Christmas gifts!

Today, I got a new job assignment! Oh wow!

I am feeling so blessed now!!!

For those who can relate – Changing number is also a form of self care. You care yourself enough and reduce the “unnecessary” impact to your life because end of the day, you matter. You are the only person can change the course of your path.

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