I am

So whatever follows “I am” will eventually find you” – Oprah

Many time we invite something into our life without realizing we invited it, just example “I am tired”, “I am stress!!!” ,”I am afraid…”

Why don’t we re-evaluate, re-considering, re-thinking, re-frame, re-organize, all these beliefs into something that shows our identity, show how we want to experience our life, show the world what we capable for?

I got this idea to create a FEARLESS theme of “I am” printable. These are specially curated because many of us are “afraid, worry, fear, stress, frighten, panic” that prevent us from moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an immediate solution once print and stick, you’ll somehow be less fear. This, however, set as an intention a.k.a identity for 60 days in re-labeling ourself.


You can get it from https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/shop/Takeamoment365
Just for SGD3 and you can print as much as you want

Enjoy a FEARLESS life because you matter!

P/s- I am excited!!! This my 1st time set up an Esty shop

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