Keep it Simple

Keep itSimple

I was having a conversation with this auntie, she has this perspective that everyone steals from her house. The maid, the Bangla worker or whoever come to the house. (I guess she encountered 1 or 2 cases and put a stigma to every each of them)

The recent incident where there are this 2 bottles of antique alcohol went missing from the house. Not sure if it being rearranged or really went M.I.A because the house is too big and no one has the time to search for it.

My answer to her: “Auntie, if you so headache got so many things at home and cannot remember every each of it, why don’t buy anymore and clear the entire house, then no one will come and steal coz there is nothing to steal, isn’t that solve your problem?” Her answer “Then the whole house empty, people come to no nice” my reply “Then what you want?” I think her brain jam a bit at that point.

My whole point to her is to keep it simple, but for her, she continues to buy and some or to say most of the items did not manage to use/not willing to use/ item outdated/expired and at the same time keep mentioned how expensive it is. The paper value meaning she gave on the item is superb and she keeps piling more and more. I guess she forgot the item bought is meant for use, not for display (we not talking about gold or something increase in value) just items-food, clothes, supplements, furniture, electronics. These are items once bought, drop in paper value.

That the typical grandmother story in Singapore.

Back to the stuff/items, these are supposed to help us, not as a burden to us. When items bought and being used, if it spoils, it meant well use. If an item bought, never been used and one day it when you want to use and it spoils, isn’t that make you frustrated? So why buy when you can’t use it daily?

Even you have 10 of Hermes bag, one day it will spoil/damged, if it can be repaired, that’s good, if it can’t, it will also end up @ the rubbish bin. Why be bother for wear & tear stuff. End of the day, when you leave the world, you can’t bring these items with you unless you put in the will that you want it to be burned with you or you have a land to plant it with your coffin. (With Singapore limited land, that is sort of impossible, even the ash is suggested for sea buried or as a plant fertilizer)

So what it to be to hoarder on stuff? Just keep it simple. Your happiness is not relying on the stuff that displays at home, it the human connection.
Why don’t just live simple – It brings less burden, less stress, less headache, more savings, reduce environmental impact and lots of joy.

Remember YOU MATTER, NOT the stuff!





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