Your Daily Routine


These few months I noticed people are talking a lot about morning routine, from printed books to Youtuber talk about how their morning lifestyle following these wealthy people waking up 4am, 5am or 6am to get their work done. I’m not saying that waking up early is not good, I’ve tried it, ya, it is good, I get things done but my body super tired after a period. You see, not everyone is a morning person and not everyone sleep by 10pm or earlier.

I myself a night owl, waking up early is unless I were forced to wake up or I have an appointment to attend, or else I wake up pretty late compare to the standard of 4 am – 7 am. Waking up late does not mean I do not complete my daily task. I am just making sure I have enough rest. You see, sometimes I do attend evening workshop or dinner with friends, by the time I reach home, probably around 11 pm or 12 am and by the time I sleep is around 12 pm or 1 am. If I were to wake up at 4 am – 7 am, my both eyes look like a panda and my body functions like a zombie for the whole day. That’s me!

Now do note, it is not the waking up early is the issue, is the blindly following others suggestion is the killing part. My personal daily practice, I have my morning routine too…but not by waking up super early to do the task, my job is to have enough rest before starting out.

My morning routine is pretty simple:

  1. Drink water once I wake up
  2. Set my intention in my journal & brain dump

Evening routine:

This the crucial part for me, I will reflect on how I spent my day (take me about 10 minutes only or less):

  1. What problem have I solved today?
  2. Who have I spoken to?
  3. Who have I shared/bless/help/value-add?
  4. What did I learn?
  5. I am grateful for:
  6. Today achievements

Reflect back in week’s time, how have I spent my time, have I used my 86400 worth of gift wisely? Who have I contributed? Have I lived my life meaningfully past week? Is there anything I was to improve? These are the little things will snowball create happiness in long term.

Now, what about you? How have you spent your seconds? What your morning/evening routine? If you have, congratulate yourself and continue. If you do not have, just start one; find a routine which is best for you and suit your needs. Try it on for a week, see how it feels and share it with me.

Do Something good for yourself today

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