Happiness 2.0

Happiness(1)Today we dive deeper into Happiness!!!

Yesterday was a dim day since it spooky Halloween and I attended some talk talking about death. It was really spooky in the sense the activities was done with light off other than the candle and imagine there is a corpse in front of you, who would you imagine to be and the second part was writing urology about this person and read it out, final part for the daring ones, lie down on the bed sheet imagining people are sending you off (you can check out the picture in this link:Death for the post) For me, personally is a sense of relief from anger for my dad and knowing that I have more to offer to life.

What I truly learn from this interesting talk about death:

  • I don’t want to spend my life angry about something and at the end of the day, it is worthless
  • When I’m old regretted on things I’ve not experience
  • I’ve not done my best yet- There is a quote “Whatever you do, do your best”
  • I also learned I should have live myself meaningfully. If I were to leave the world tomorrow, at least I have something to showcase my passion, which is through this blog.

Okay this sound depressing but that I’ve learned from the session.

Back to HAPPINESS, diving deep this time together with a worksheet, you’ll get to discover:

  1. The qualities you want to portray
  2. Your proud moments
  3. Your goals
  4. The conversation you been telling yourself
  5. The excuses that you been telling yourself
  6. Visualized your life
  7. What’s your plan?

Click this link to get it (PDF copy): Happiness 2.0
If you’ve not done the 1st part of happiness workbook, click this link to get it: Happiness

You get this totally free!!! I’m not charging any single cent and even this blog domain is paid from my own pocket money and free from advertisement. The reasons behind just because I love to share what I’ve learned about life and hopefully inspired you to take action. Create something nice for yourself, at least once a day. That my motto for this blog. I want to be an inspiration for you to take action on your life even the little thing and as simple as smiling to a stranger.

Tip: Smile to a stranger tomorrow!  You might not know you make their day (ok! I know that living in Singapore is like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! if you smile, people look at you like some sort of weirdo, but you still can smile to the coffee auntie/uncle or the cleaner = mission accomplish and pat yourself, well done! You’ve done it!)

Being accountable for your action is one of your most crucial aspect in achieving your goal/dream life/mission/whatever you want to call it. If you need any accountability partner to help you, just feel free to drop me in my Instagram/ Facebook or just comment below. Again this is FREE!!! and seriously! It won’t be free for long. (Realistically: I’m a human, I need to eat too) Till next time…thank you for reading!

FYI, there are 2 parts of the blog:

  • Daily: The daily activities/real life occasion that I found throughout the everyday life
  • Learn a thing or two: Sharing of some worksheet/tips/knowledge/discovery on random topic

There are link below the blog that could direct you directly to these 2 parts 🙂

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