Happiness. It is crucial as a human being to be happy. Most of us stuck in a situation neither here nor there, well, the ultimate question, are you happy with it?

If you are happy with it, rejoice and keep going. If you not happy, here I created a work sheet for you to rediscover your happiness. Click the link: Happiness

Inside contain:

  • Mini re-look what makes you happy
  • Categories on what you love and or anything to improvement/change
  • Improvement focus
  • Simple happiness tracker
  • Happiness hack

If you benefited from it, remember to hashtag #takeamoment365 or leave a comment so I know you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow will be another new set of worksheet, this time will dive deep into your happiness.

I hope you enjoy today worksheet.

Till then, remember to Create a nice moment for yourself, at least once a day

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