I’m not sure how many people who actually believe in past life/soul/ancestor/ghost but yesterday was an interesting day for me.

My partner is a Feng Shui Master and sometime I’ll tag around visiting client. Yesterday was the 1st time I saw this middle compass shake “profusely”. The house we visit yesterday was a calming house, I don’t feel uncomfortable in terms of unseen stuff or the interior design or cleaniness. The owner purify negative energy daily in the house so when we enter, its very calming. Arrangement are neat, furniture are solid 40years old wood, rooms are in top condition (like hotel). The owner also have an ancestor altar which seated right at the dining area. A very neat and look like Japanese kind of altar.

While we all seated at the dining table for discussion, there when this compass starts to shake. Any Feng Shui master will tell if this thing shake that way, there are some entity in the house/electrical/our hand shake the table and I noticed our hand & body are off table & yet this thing still mild shake a few times and this is my 1st time in my life seeing that. My partner could sense more than me then told me the ancestor is here.

I was like “WOW” – saying “Welcome” and after a while, the compass no longer shaky. I guess the ancestor are curious what we doing there & to tell us “they” are here. We are not there to cause any harm nor we have any bad intention, I guess that the ancestor understand & left but for me, is my 1st time seeing with my own eyes on the compass! What an interesting day.

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