Dream Life

1My Dream Life:

  • Living my life meaningfully
  • Leaving an impact in the world
  • Travel the world
  • Live in different countries
  • Discover new passions
  • Being love
  • Quality time with loved ones
  • A healthy body
  • Brave for adventure
  • have a business of my own
  • Don’t need stuck at 9-5pm
  • Financially free

These are some of my dream life and for some of it, I am living in it now and truly grateful for what I had.

What about your dream life? Here are 8 steps on finding it:

1. List it down my dream life
Just like the above, listing it down is the first step and know what you want, you can list as much as you like

2. Imagine a day you live in your dream life. How does it look like?
How do you spend your time? What experience would you have? What is on your surrounding? Who is with you? Where would you be? How would you feel and act?

3. What is your current state?
Access your current situations; financially, relationship, health, logistic, personal growth, career.

4. Break down the path of your dream life into small goals
From the stack of list, it is not possible to achieve all at one time, select 1 – 3 most crucial and break it into smaller goal.

5. Put your new habit into your calendar
Since you had made decision of pursuing your dream life, commit to yourself – set it as your 1st priority. Everything else has to work around it. Put it on display where you can see it everyday, and by end of the day, reflect back: Am I walking my talk?

6.  Remove potential roadblocks
Something that you intent to stay away from: toxic relationship, clutter, wasteful spending, eating junk food, negative people.

7. People whom inspired my dream life & why I admired them
You just need to list 3 of them and the reasons behind you admired them?

8. Broadcast your intention
No better way than letting people know your dream life. This set an accountability on your side and at the same time, remove those whom not been supportive to your dream life

I’ve prepared a worksheet for you, just click on the link to get it: My dream life by Take A Moment 365

Hope you enjoy this and if there any typo error or grammar mistake, please feel free to comment.

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