Little dirty secret – my partner is a stuff hoarder, whatever come in, never out so you could imagine the amount of stuffs in his room especially stationaries, books & paper. He even have pencil lead from the 1980’s! Can you imagine that?!

He gave meaning to all his stuffs & he hold dearly to every damn thing even no longer has any value, some are free stuff from 1990’s, plush toys, CD’s, floppy disk, plenty of police/army stuffs & even cloths still with tag from don’t know which ancient years back. OMG!

While I’m clearing his stuff & his face black like charcoal. Whenever I ask this question “do you want this?” I think I ask a dump question…obvious answer “I WANT”! He kept every of it while this box is for my stuff which no longer in use.

I declutter bit by bit & put inside this box. Don’t get me wrong, all the stuff inside this box are usable & in good condition, is to donate to the next Really Really Really Free Market.That’s how I declutter my stuff.

Note: really free market not a dumping ground, so if donate, please make sure is useable & in good condition.

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