Time Lesson

How much time do you think you have?

Most of us think time stop for us, looking at the time thinking…”oh my, when this meeting/class going to finish?” “Ah, nevermind, I got plenty of time, I’ll do it later” & it seems time passed so slow.

Not when we start seeing the overall, try that little exercise by classifying what we want to do or what we want to have in those age, we’ll start realizing – “ops!”

My recent encountered seems like keep giving me a feedback on old folks. As you may seen my post on homeless a month back, how ache my heart for them, it doesn’t stop there. Within this few weeks, I met even more old folks who seems lost of direction, sleeping on bench, sitting on bus stops wasting their life, night sleep on the street with friends. Seriously! What comes in my mind – “I do not want to be homeless when I’m old”

So this little exercise helps me to pin point the overall. Knowing my time don’t stop and to quit my “I’ll do it tomorrow” habit because what I want is…… to live my life meaningfully with no regrets. (That is also one of the reason Take A Moment 365 is born to showcase the combination of my life & life lesson as to stop and do what really matters)

You should try it too…just fill up the boxes with what you want to do/have when you are that age & work backward. Its not only able to have a clearer picture of your life but a sense of affirm that what kind of life “I want to live”.

Plus tips: write your eulogy next to it

Happy trying 😊

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