Yesterday I attended my partner workshop & during this workshop, there is this exercise where we are given 15 minutes to reflect on the topic displayed on screen….it turn out to be “I should”

Basically like any typical person, I just write whatever I knew, there’s my list:

From should “be” to “do”….I listed down 28 should! Wow! That hell a lot when the person next to me just wrote 10 😅

Now the interesting part comes in, in this list, is divided into 3 parts:

1. Shadow

2. Emotion

3. Situation/Event

What it mean by shadow, emotion or situation/event? In the list of all, finding out what the trigger point.

Shadow – eg. when you are young, you are poor & someone says something to you which might be motivating or hurtful that today you living in this shadow to prove that you can achieve something.

Emotion – just your emotion running wild 😄 nah, just kidding…the feeling of something you may want to achieve eg. Be happy (who doesn’t want to be happy?)

Situation/ Event – eg. your parent always argue for money, this particular day, the argument was so serious that they start fight and you stuck in middle of it. That event triggers something in you & when you grow up, you think should not be like them (very similar to shadow but this is on situation/event)

These 3 categories will actually find out 1 thing from your own self = YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM

Many of us we lived in the shadow/situation/event without knowing why…the shadow of some triggered point…”I should be rich, then I will not be look down” (because some stupid relatives saying you are poor and can’t afford anything) (Separate true story – while writing an old memory flash in. My mum has always been looked down by her siblings for marrying a failure (which my dad) & we live poorly while my aunt (mum’s sister) and uncle (mum’s brother) living comfortable, one day my parent were stuck in financial difficulty & borrow some money from my aunt…she mentioned something to my mum but her final sentence was like “If you so poor, I don’t dare to tell people you’re my sister, if 1 day you sick & go on tv news ask people for donation for your medical fee, don’t tell people I’m your sister, you are such a shame” I guess this put me into the trigger point that I should be rich! (But I’m not financially rich till now 😭) I should be strong with 6 packs (because some idiot says I’m weak like a sissy), I should be able to communicate by now but still could not communicate clearly or too fear to speak (because when I was young, I being asked to shut up!) I should stay single forever (because my parent fight a lot)

There are so many examples on “I should….” so now I encourage you to list down your “I should” & find out your belief system…are you living in the shadow of the past memory or you living now in present? Or you living because of someone else expectation on you or yourself?

Well off course, if no past, there will be no today but past can hunt any of us & needless to say – past should not be the constant poking needle leading our life ahead.

I really hope you try on the exercise and discover your belief system.

My partner Darren Ong is a Feng Shui Consultant specialized in Self Development. Every fortnight he will organize a workshop on various topics with the combination of Yijing, Feng Shui and Bazi. If you are in town – Singapore. Feel free to contact him +65 8150 2677 (because he doesn’t advertise the date online) or you can find him on his Facebook page – @MyCornection (nope, that not a spelling error, is the combination word of “Core” and “Connection”) The next date tentatively workshop should be on Oct 4, 2018.

P/S – Angela here, I would like to apologize just in case of typo error or grammar mistake. My English is not perfect 🙂

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