Old folks

When you are old & not much strength, what would you be doing?

This week alone, I met 2 old folks whom make my heart sunk.

The “ah ma” grandma who seated beside the riverside, I suspect she is homeless with her daughter probably about 50 years old. Judging from the time, 10 plus seated with few recycle bag, it a wake up call for me! It reminded of my grandma whom I have short time with, she passed away when I was 6 due to discrimination from her own child making her a dumping ground from 1 house to another house. As a 6 years old, I’m helpless myself & my biggest regret in my life till today is that I did not kiss her goodbye and she passed away the week after.

I could only imagine the “ah ma” who seated next to riverside facing the same.

While for the “ah gong” grandpa with uniform. He is a cleaner & judging from his age, probably 70 plus. He said he work alone, there is no other cleaner around. He is tired with so many table to clean. Single handed clean, put aside dirty plates, pushing cleaning trolley from 1 table to another table & due to his age, if he could find space to sit, he would sit while cleaning, his leg could not take it. From picture, you can see his hand is kind of injured as well. What I did was, after I ate my meal, I put my dirty plate in his trolley so he won’t need to walk to me to clean my mess!

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