Melaka hostel

Whole night I did not sleep well, not sure if because I’m period over sensitive or I visited some ancient place early of the day or because the hostel is haunted.

After the bus journey from KL- Melaka & did some sightseeing + massage, my whole body & mind completely exhausted but when I hit my bed, I could not sleep. I start having sudden fear & as if something telling me to go away.

This my corner cube bed next to the pantry.

I dream some Nyonya woman & some scary stuff – I cant remember what…I practically ON the light the whole night and I was awake by some sound on top of my bed. The dong dong dong sound, for hours (no one is sleeping on top my cubicle), Jesus!

I did asked for full angel protection but it seems doesn’t work. The next thing happened…raining! Water dripping sound next to my head, I was awake again.

By the time about 8.20am, I woke up with my feet full with water when I step on floor. Oh man!

Maybe I accidentally slept on the ghost place or something bad happened there & been trying to warn me again & again whole night or because I never asked permission when I arrived that I am going to sleep on the place that causes me had a restless night. I don’t know the real reason, I am now out & heading back to Singapore. May I have a good sleep on the way back to Singapore. Cheers!

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