Well, this is a wellness blog but somehow there are something I want to rant about.

I am in this Facebook group called Freegan and another group called Green Collective. Freegan are meant for “free stuff/dumpster diving” in Singapore and The Green Collective is living with zero waste/ reduce plastic. I meant nothing bad about these group but I noticed some of the members living towards the extreme!

Living in Singapore, people here do throw their good stuff away and left below the housing area. They are suppose to pay for disposal for big items such as furniture but most people just left it below the housing estate and pray not to get caught! For smaller item, it is in the bin. The housing cleaner will dispose it or if it found by a dd, some will carry back home. There is no wrong for dd. I did once, I dd a huge white board back home but off coz when I brought back the white board, I do my own way of cleansing, I do not want to bring any “dirty” stuff back home. Recently there is a member asking if any of dd members do cleansing before bringing back the item because she accidentally bring back “those stuff” home.

Well, my rant is not about dd item but on dd food! For Christ Sake, one of the member posted she wanted to dd food – a piece of tempura vegetable left over at the other table. When I read that post, I almost fainted!


This picture does not belong to me, I just got it from internet, just want to show how the tempura vegetable looked like.

Members are saying what a waste and some others commented they would not take. Personally, I myself WOULD NOT TAKE IT TOO! First thing first, it is not about wasting the food, it is about hygiene.

Just imagine if the person ever touch it using his/her saliva for the piece of tempura, you do not know the health condition on this person. What if this person has TB or Hepatitis, aren’t you on risk of becoming a carrier too? Seriously I don’t know what is she thinking! It is not that she could not afford it but dd on a piece of tempura? Luckily she did not manage to get it as the cleaner is fast enough to clear the table.

I have a story, my parent used to like to go my uncle house and my dad love to just take a cup to drink and later on, rinse it and put it back. It has became frequent my dad use the china without asking. One day, my dad was pretty sick. After medical examination, he was diagnose with Hepatitis B, it gave us full blow and I myself went through medical examination to screen if I am infected. Thank God! I came out clean. By now, probably you could also guess, how he was infected.

So imagine, dd food from left over?

While for the Zero Waste Living, I do understand the sentimental of saving the earth. I am trying to be as minimal as I could so I won’t be that much of stuff collector/stuff hoarding. Only replace items that spoil and not buying 2, 3 extras. Today I went shopping, I do not know what to buy, there is nothing to buy at all, all my stuffs are still in good condition as there is nothing to buy, I end up feeling lost. So I spent my time in book store reading magazine, trying to get some ideas 🙂

That not the point, the point on zero waste living, I do agree we need to lesser or hugely reduce the use of plastics but when come to menstrual pad. This is something I goes against. Sorry to all the organic cotton recyclable menstrual pad supported. I know it may be comfortable compare to plastics but this is back to the earlier point: HYGIENE!!!

A recyclable menstrual pad is like $15/piece or even more depending on the size. My point is, I don’t think I want to go back to the era of 1950 where people using cloth (out of no choice) with all the complication eg. leak and need to wash it. Today, just imagine you need to change pad in the shopping mall, you are bringing a piece of bloody cloth with you after you change and not mentioning the smell from the blood, ewwwww!!!! How hygienic is that?

Something else about conscious living is using bamboo toothbrush. I know it is organic, the tip of the brush is using some recyclable material! Do you ever see a wet wood, does it turn color? It does coz it wet, so imagine using your bamboo toothbrush and left it at damp area, in long term, it grows bacteria. Is that hygienic? Not mentioning the cost, basically you need to constantly change your toothbrush at least once a month. Eg. $5/piece x 12 months = $60. You practically spent $60 on toothbrush alone!!!

There is no right or wrong, it depend on personal preference but for me, my biggest concern when comes to dumpster diving or using recyclable product, hygiene is my first priority. My body is my temple. If I do not take care of it, no one would. Finish ranting! 😀


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