Free Stuff Collector

Who doesn’t love the word “FREE”!!!???

I know I do!


  • Cosmetic sample
  • Recycle bag
  • Cold Bag
  • Plate
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Bag
  • Ezlink card
  • Waterbottle
  • Towel
  • Handtowel
  • Cups
  • Essential oil
  • Post card
  • Notepad
  • Shipping (my favourite)

The range of free items are way too many to classified.

Sometime I even purchase product not because I need it but because there is FREE stuff to collect. Who does that? I know I do.

Most advertiser tempting consumer with enticing offer that makes us “buy”….some example “Buy 2 free a___________” “Be a member & you’ll get_________” “Click like and you’ll get a sample of _________”. These happened when we are buying but what about attending events?

“Come on xxx date & get Free goodie bag worth $200! ” “Free essential oil for 1st 100 customer” “Free xyz…”

When I managed to get the free stuff, off cause I happily bring it back home with me, the next thing, kept it somewhere or unpack at storage.

Overtime, I somehow became the FREE STUFF COLLECTOR and creates clutter – too much stuffs. Too many cosmetics samples- not sure which to use 1st. Too many cups, handtowel, waterbottles, toothbrush and etc on storage.

If opt for donation, I kind of unwilling because I paid for it/contribute my time on getting it. Opt for sale – those are samples, not many would want it. As recycle gifts – it a no no! With company brand stamp on it. (Just imagine you got a birthday gift which are recycle sample product, what would you feel?)

Well, do u encounter what I am facing? Let me know how you deal with it.

Note: Im not buying anything new, clearing existing stuff.

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