My spending mistake – Stationary

When it come to things I love……STATIONARY!!! – stickers, washi tape, paper clips, pens, color pen, marker, journals. I find it hard to resist. I know I should not be spending  much money on stationary but it is really difficult! Everything looks so beautiful, in style, modern. Just as an example:


I actually bought this pins weeks ago at a local store for few dollars more compare to normal pins just because it is a gold rose pins and I want to makes my notice board look pretty. It doesn’t really make sense….but my emotion at that point of time stronger than my logical mind and guess what….I put 6 pins on the board and I never use it to pin anything. The rest of the pins, is hoarding 1 corner of my room space.

When it comes to journal. I saw this Breathe Special Journal online back in March and without deep thought if I really need it. I bought it. I spent S$53.46 for this 2 journals. It arrived yesterday after about 2.5 months (and a complain) and guess what…I love it so much! It’s beautiful inside with the arts and wording. My only problem now: I love these journals so badly that I unwilling to use it. You know when you love something and you tend not to use it. For some people probably their LV or Prade bag, mine is more on paper. This is the problem with paper lover.

Basically 2 problem here:

  1. Unwilling to use it because it is too beautiful but consequence will take up space
  2. If I do use it, I can only use it once and to throw away


Pens, as a stationary lover, I tend to buy pens without really realizing how much pens I actually have…just have a look on the picture, you will know how much I have:


After looking at this picture, I felt like pen OCD! There even boxes of pens which not been open yet. People collects valuable like old notes/coins, I collect stationary.

Off cause there are many more stationaries ranging from eraser, rules, paper clips, pins, scissors which not shown in picture.

I guess it is time to be seriously mindful on the items I bring back home especially when it comes to stationary. While for the current stocks or items I have, will try to use it and REFRAINING myself from buying any new stationary! Peace!

Meanwhile, it is Vesak Day here in Singapore.

Happy Vesak Holiday for all the Buddhist in the world.

This flower is my simple dedication for Buddha birthday. cheers!




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