Clearing Stuff

Morning breakfast, I sorted some of my teas from the kitchen. Only teas, I have 16 types! I never expect to have so much tea! I joking post on my fb & Instagram that I could open a tea shop.


These tea, some are my purchase and some are given by my siblings or friends. I just never realize is this much! Not adding the others 3 in 1 beverages I have (shown in last few blogs) That is insane! My partner don’t normally drink tea, that makes me the sole person drinking tea at home.

If I give out free, people will just take it for granted. For sale, no one want to buy. So I stuck in the dilemma with flooded teas & beverages.

Sometime we just never realize the amount of stuff we have until we sorted it out.


While my partner were doing his banking matters today, I noticed there is this bed sheet on sales. As normal….I will look around. “Damn!” I said to myself…“This is cute! This is beautiful! This is the tropical design I want” “OMG! so soft…500 threads cotton” “Damn!Damn!Damn!” (sorry for all the curse word..those are in my brain on the point of time)

IMG_20180528_135526_043Suddenly I have this epiphany moment….”How many bed sheet I have at home? Do I really need another one?” The answer is obvious. “Nope!” Recently I just bought one, that means I already have 3 bed sheet. I don’t need another one.

Gracefully, I walked away from the mall buying nothing. That save me $$$ and space of storing them. Cheers! Money saved! 🙂 A good money tips



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