Spiritually Exhausted

Not sure if you ever encounter with sudden lose of energy. Knowing it is not food source, but something unexplained.

Note: I am not a spiritual person but I know when my energy drained.

This morning I went to temple just to allocate an umbrella. What happened was my partner umbrella were stolen in the temple causing him to be soaked from heavy rain and attended the networking event with damp clothes on him yesterday. So today he went back to the temple with the hope to allocate the umbrella (which has sentimental value for him) and to comment on the volunteer who suggested to steal other people’s umbrella too 😀

Imagine, temple? Suggest to take other people’s umbrella? Isn’t it as good as encouraging stealing? Anyway, not for me to argue.

It is a huge event due to Vesak Day and 10 years anniversary of the temple, with foods, exhibition, Buddha gallery, performance and so on. I love the decoration there even I am not Buddhist.

I also noticed the stuff sold there is kind of OVERPRICED. I guess is due to Vesak celebration or for donation towards the temple therefore things needed to be overprice. For whatsoever reason it is, that not my point.

While visiting the gallery and so on, I started to feel uncomfortable. It sort of burden, negative, unclean energy is just there lingering around. It is an open space, I should have feel better and at that time, is not crowded too. I tried to be rationalize with logic and yet I couldn’t really figure out what it is.

What I know is upon reaching home, I felt completed drained off. I have no explanation for that. It is not the sport/tired kind of drained off energy, it is way beyond that. I felt my energy been suck out of me! It took me hours to regain back.

Probably some reader whom are spiritual could help to explain what actually had happened to me.

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