Enjoyed Saturday

I attended “Minimalism in Singapore” meet up yesterday. An inspiring sharing session among the “beginner” and those who already in the minimalism movement.

What I learned from the session is that I do not need to limit myself on the items I owned. Some minimalist only limit to 100 items they owned. While for me, I don’t think I am toward that extreme. What minimalism to me is being mindful on the item I bring back home which has value for me and I am going to use it. Not blankly purchase it because it is cheap/sale or “one day I will use” syndrome.

There are also some contradicting perspective on being a minimalist. Some minimalist felt that since they are in this lifestyle, they should be purchasing items which in good quality/pricey so it will last longer vs those who just simply buy a normal quality, used it and replace it when it spoil/damage. My perspectives, there is no right or wrong here, just a matter of personal preference. Being a minimalist should not limit a person, it should make a person to be in freedom of lesser stuff.

I also get tips on “money saving“. Well, one of the co-founder mum was there to attend as a representative as her daughter is away. I asked her “How can I save money because I have the tendency to spend money everyday?” “If I do not spend money, it is as if there is something missing.” She well understood my situation as she been through it and she taught me a way by writing down what I spent on daily basis. (I didn’t tell her I did that too :P) but her method is slightly different….she broke it into 3 different timing.


I never thought of that way, it is actually simpler to break it into 3 timing and we are more aware of what we spend and not forgotten anything by the end of the day. I normally write it down by end of the day (sometime I do forgot what I spent) The way she taught me will infidelity help me identify where my money goes in a very detail way.  She also taught me to check by weekly basis on the money spent. The money spent this week should be lesser than the previous week and by end of the month, add up all together.

Thanks Rosalind!

pjimage (2)

Next I attended a networking session invited by my partner client. It is a business networking session by a group called Diamond Cutter. What I know about Diamond Cutter is a Buddhist group where aiming on planting seeds. Not planting plant/tree seeds, but more on planting spiritual seeds. In short cut, it is a Buddhism teaching started by Geshe Michael Roach. Frankly speaking I do not know much about it but what I know, the course is NOT CHEAP! In Chinese saying, 一分錢​​一分貨 which translated to “The price paid on par with the goods produce” If you want quality, off course you got to be willing to pay its price.

The net-worker in the event are attended mostly by business owner. It is a good ground in meeting people and generate sales leads from there. This event focus on exchanging contact and knowing each other business and referring business internally among Diamond Cutter members.

What I learned on this very 1st session they ever organized – 2 things.

  1. Planting money seeds – How to plant money seeds individually and expand.
  2. Preserved money seeds – The aspect on will writing and beware on how you write a will. It will impact directly to your family members even after your death. In Singapore law, if you not pay your debt and goes for “long holiday”, you are still liable to pay off the debt. (Death person, how to pay debt?)  So the next kin will need to bear the debt.

I find the will session is an eye opening for me. Never really thought on will and I’ve not assign my next kin for my Central Provident Fund (CPF). In the case, I did not assigned my next kin. My family members or next kin will not able to collect the fund after my death, the fund will goes directly to government.

We just never know what will happen tomorrow, we can only hope for the best and do what is best today.

There you go…. 2 different event attended and on what I learned from both events 🙂



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