Shopping Time

Last 2 blog is talking about trying to live with lesser stuff a.k.a minimalism + not spending $$$. Today however….

Ta da….


I went to my favorite place….Daiso ($2 shop) to check out if I could resist not to buy anything…..The picture taken from Tampines Daiso

Doesn’t this just look astonish?


Varieties of sticker/ post-it/book mark sticker…so beautiful and enticing me to buy for my planner use. Well….in my brain “it just $2“.

Note: not everything is Made in Japan as stated, most the stuff are Made in China.

I went round and round…tempting to buy almost everything from containers…stickers…household products…art craft…..then again thinking….I need to be conscious knowing the things I bring in to my home. “I know it is cheap! but it must I need and use!” Constant reminder in my head.

After 30 minutes or so…suddenly something strike my eyes…this is something I wanted. It is not important but can beautify the current coffee bag. I know not need to buy, can always use the existing beverage packing bag as a holder but…in my brain justifying…I must take this….this is what I am looking for all these while.


This was it, a mini pouch where I can stack the beverage in for a nicer presentation basis. I kind of proud of myself when I went to the counter to make payment. I only purchase 1 item. Compare to my used to be, I probably will take 5 items or more. When I was queuing, I saw the rest of the people are paying at least 3 products and I only have 1 item. When I walk out the store, I am feeling like winning lottery. hahaha

Then I went to another cheap shop…Value Shop! Just below of Daiso…this place is a heaven on cheap groceries and snacks.

pjimage (1)

I almost pack myself with…BEVERAGE again! I noticed..”oh wow! new flavor, never try this flavor before and only $1.95 a pack!” The packet of beverage was on my hand while walking around then reflecting back on yesterday beverage….oh gosh! The amount of beverage I had at home and not even consume yet. Gee…..put back!

Then I walk the aisle and saw something interesting….”Quinoa???!! Seem healthy and it only $1 a packet”

I did not buy any beverage and end up purchasing the snacks. This snacks look innocent, yeah 😛


My shopping experience today is a lesson for me to spend lesser and be mindful on the things I want to bring back home with me. I can’t stop buying, at least I be aware on the stuff I am buying. That my lesson for today.



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