Attraction to buy

Looking at that picture, I am so tempted to subscribe to the monthly box. I am also a book lover and the whole box there just represent my lifestyle of book worm + with a mug which I can use it for tea or a cup of beverage while reading the book. A bag where I can carry those book and some postcard as bookmark. How lovely it is….my imagine run wild with the “stuff”

I got the picture from the internet from a company in Singapore Campre Librem. I didn’t ask permission to use the photo and I hope they don’t sue me for it. The last I checked on Facebook….they on hiatus. Finger cross!

Well…my point is I love the products they provide (based on the picture), the picture speaks to me and it seems representing the “lifestyle” I want. Receiving monthly surprise book, not knowing/expect what book or postal card/mug will I receive. The relaxation, just reading and not bother to anything lifestyle. Who doesn’t want those feeling?

(Note: nothing bad about their product, just my personal opinion on my less stuff journey)

But…..there is always a but……..

Reflecting back, I want the surprises (monthly box) but do I have the time to read it? Do I need monthly mug? Do I need monthly bag/postal card? Importantly, do I need to spend money on things I do not need?

Sorting my beverage this morning…it looked like this:


You can imagine the mess that I created for piling up beverages. As I mentioned on my blog yesterday, I love varieties and I start buying beverages in big packet for best value and some are gift from friends. This is just one chunk which inside my room, there is another chunk somewhere in the house. I myself & partner would not possibly to drinking this much, this will probably take up a year and by the time…I guess I buy even more because I will be bored with current drinks or selection I have.

So if I were to subscribe to the monthly box, I guess, the same thing will happened. Piling up more stuff into the room. I do not think I will be committed to drink tea while I am reading. I probably glued to my Facebook or Instagram more, even I do drink tea once in a while, it is not every single day.

I sorted out some of the beverage and trying to clear it off. The monthly box gave me an idea, to sell the extra beverages in a box 😀

If any of you interested, it is just S$10 including the postage fee (Singapore only)

Items. Weight each. Expiry Date (2 each except honey)

  1. Honey  1 piece                                                  10g      15.04.21
  2. Buddy Dean Coconut Coffee x 2                    15g      13.12.19
  3. G7 Vietnam Coffee x 2                                    16g      30.05.19
  4. Indocafe White Coffee 2 in 1 x 2                   12g      28.01.19
  5. Nestum Mango Tango x 2                              26g      29.02.19
  6. Nestum Oat x 2                                                30g      31.03.19
  7. Quaker Oat Berry Burst x 2                           30g      29.08.18 (expiring soon)
  8. Quaker Oat Vanilla x 2                                   28g      05.01.19
  9. Vegan Multi Grain (22 grains) x 2                30g      26.10.18 (expiring soon)
  10. Golden Pokoe Black Tea x 2                                      19.09.19
  11. English Breakfast x 2                                                  03.09.19
  12. Jing Si Organic Tea x 2                                                15.06.20

I am contactable using my mobile: +65 9335 2000. Hopefully there is taker…or else, I am going to have a hard time. 😛




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