Temptation to buy

I just want to rant something as I am on my journey to be a minimalist or at least with lesser “stuff” in my life. I remember when I first came back to Singapore back in 2013, I do not have much stuff. I moved into a rented room with 1 luggage bag and that all I have. Some basic necessity and few clothes. I remember the house owner looked a bit stunt as I mentioned to her “That’s all my belonging”.

Subsequently I moved to another rental room with much bigger space, I start purchasing like crazy. I love to spend time scrolling Qoo10.sg to buy clothes, Groupon (Fave) for best deal available/experience package, Lazada, Singsale, Carousell, iHerb, Wish, Home, eatigo, Cashback – almost every shopping apps is in my phone. I spent most the time scrolling if there anything interesting things to buy and I spent most my money on buying health products, clothes, event or anything on sale!

Recently as I cleaning up my stuff, I realized I got plenty of “stuffs” and I asked myself “Do I ever even going to finish using these?” (food products) and my clothes linger around even it doesn’t fits me anymore. I have this mentality that one day I may be slim and I need these clothes, so I kept them all in the cabinet hoarding the space especially when come to those cloth I bought from the net where I could not fit even with XXXL tag. The ‘1 day I will use…‘ mentality blend well into my brain and at the same time I keep purchasing clothes on my current size.

The 2nd mentality when come to purchasing: “This will help me“…so what happened…I buy all sort of stuff ranging from essential oil, slimming products, learning Chinese wording, online or offline courses, beauty products, stationary, art craft and go for shopping spree especially @ $2 dollar shop (with the mindset “this is just $2”) …all with the wish…these stuff will help me gain something. Yes, it’s job suppose to help me but for no whatsoever reason after I got the stuff, the motivation to do it is out from my house window and the stuff remain on one corner of the room/somewhere in my laptop.

3rd mentality…it is on sales! Who on earth doesn’t love sales? “free delivery” ‘1+1 deal’ , ‘Buy 1 free 1’, ‘Buy 1 in full price, 2nd pair for $10’ “Buy 3 for $5, normal price $3 each”…this is damn hard to resist.

4th, buy in bulk, all the packaging is packed into larger portion or family pack for best value.  Beverage especially, it’s not possible to only purchase 3 -5 packets when it is packed into 15 or 30 packets in 1 bag/box. The problem I encountered…is that I love varieties. I probably buy a pack of Milo with 30 packets inside and after sometime I get bored, I purchase other beverages eg. Nestum…so my beverage keep adding on than reducing and when it come to nearer to expiry date, either I drank it or gave it away or sometime..in the bin (expired). You know what I mean?

When it comes to sales or looking at new things, it is SOOOOOO HARD TO RESIST! In my f***ing brain knows that I should not buy anymore but emotionally…as if I am missing something if I don’t spend money on daily basis. The temptation grew bigger and everyday I must spend on something even it is a cup of beverage. This sounds crazy but this is me!

Am I missing something here? Fulling some emotion unsatisfactory? Avoid something?

Indoor – online purchase…Outdoor – shopping. Both not helping unless I stay in jungle, even if jungle with internet, I guess I be buying something too.

Seriously, I need help on this…….



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