There are days we totally lost, not sure what happened, times flies but unsure how we spent it. Going through the hectic hustle and bustle of life without a clear mind. We forget to take the time to appreciate the good things we have in life.

That is why I created my personal 18 things I am grateful for to remind myself of the little things I might have ignored, neglected or just simply brushed through.

Here is my personal 18 things I am grateful for:

  1. Money – recently I learned from Ken Honda about Arigato Money. When I’m about to pay for something, thank the money for the exchange of something I want. 
  2. Bed – a good bed = a good night sleep. I’m thankful for at least a good mattress to rest my body at night.
  3. Drinking water – I have the habit of drinking plain water first thing when I wake up from bed. The water help me flush through toxin in my body (going toilet to poo)
  4. Food – looking at my size, it never was lack of food. I am always grateful for the available food.
  5. Job – At least there is a job for me to do right this moment as I am typing. There is so much retrenchment going on or going for unpaid leave due to country lockdown.
  6. Coworker – Someone who makes my day at work. The argument, teasing, laughter, screaming makes my day interesting.grateful
  7. My partner – who is lending me a shoulder when I need to or just simply listen to my crap daily. 
  8. Being healthy – or at least I am not lying down in hospital for any sickness. 
  9. Journaling – this is what I’ve been doing and teaching others @
  10. Package – You know when the mailman came and it was super exciting to get the package. I am grateful for the delivery man, really! For delivering my goods.
  11. Internet – this sounds corny, grateful for the internet. Hey ya! Yesterday, the home network was disrupted for hours and you know what happened when there was no internet. Whole household jumps upside down like monkeys.
  12. Country – The country I am living now is rich with different ethics and culture. Love that I can find all sorts of foods- from Chinese, Malay, Indian to Korean,Japanese,Thai food
  13. Parks & Beaches – Oh yeah! De-stress after a whole day by going to parks or beaches for a walk. That feels darn good!
  14. Teas & Coffee – I think I have an obsession on this. I love the smell of tea/coffee. 
  15. Candles – Yeah, you read it right. Candles, not candy. I like to lid up a candle and set my focus before starting my journal. 
  16. Alarm Clock/ Kitchen Timer – as silly as it sounds, the alarm clock wakes me up in the morning and kitchen timer sets my time in creating a productive day.
  17. Mistakes – No body like to make mistake or being blame for stupid mistake but I am grateful for the mistake I did. With these mistakes, at least I learn something from it. Not a pleasant one, but a lesson.
  18. Eyesight – most people beside me wear a spec or a contact lens. Thank God! My eyesight is still clear and yet to wear a spec. Hopefully I won’t be wearing any glasses in near future (unless sunglass)

Here goes my 18 grateful list, what about yours? What are you grateful for?