I do sometime! No matter how organized I am, there are sure something I neglecting off. That's human nature no one could escape. The lesson I learned - don't be to hard to ourself when thing don't work out, it is meant to be that way so we could work something out of it. Nothing... Continue Reading →


Today, I met 59 years old "uncle" I should say because in Asia, whoever older than us & married, we name as uncle. So we got plenty of uncle & aunties on the streets (non blood related). We just don't call people by name as a show of respect. For months he had been going... Continue Reading →


The hardship of being a woman, 1 hand trying to eat, another part trying to coax the baby to stay calm.

My love

Shoutout to all the stationery lover 😍 Gosh! Heart racing, only stationery lover would understood 🤣

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