I posted this months back and since I put that little sticker on my debit card, its a constant attention from the cashier. The cashier will have a glance of it and look at me 🤣 That how's conversation strike about life! Hehe! You can try it too 😂

Plant your seed

This is an interesting notebook/journal. Once you finish using it, you can plant it into a plant, for this particular is a tomoto plant! There are seeds inside the book cover, just tear it off & plant into the soil & water. Interesting sustainability concept! You can get it from http://www.left-handesign.com

Message from UNIVERSE

This is super interesting! My job is just to stand right in front & that is the message type out for me. No words, just by looking at me & type it. That message hit right into my heart for years of broken promises, dissapointment, believing it would work out but end up not. My... Continue Reading →

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